Value for Money

As a student, you want to make sure that you’re getting the full value of the lesson fees. Below is a few examples of what is offered.

Tote Bag

Just for signing up, all students receive a free tote bag!  This can be used to carry your music books in for lessons so you’ll never lose them.

Tote Bag

Repertoire Rich Approach To Learning

When you begin your lessons at Phoenix Rising Music Studio, you will always be learning new music in a range of styles.  This will give you a solid foundation for when you get to the more advanced levels.  Phoenix Rising has seen students in recent years learn over 40 songs in a year, with one student in 2016 learning over 200 songs!

What about the theory?

In your lessons, you won’t even notice you’re learning theory even in the simplest of pieces.  Phoenix Rising is also subscribed to Teach Piano Today‘s monthly release of music games – four 5-minute games brought out each month targeting specific aspects of music education.  This reinforces learning in a fun way to ensure you won’t forget anything.

Music Games

Pop Music and Other Songs

You’re wanting to learn a specific song but not sure how to do it?  At Phoenix Rising, we give you the training to be able to play the songs you like as soon as possible.  By setting the foundations of note reading and lead sheets, it won’t take you long to master your favourite songs.  Alongside the method books, you will find a huge range of supplementary materials at your fingertips.  Love Disney?  I guarantee you will be playing the simplest arrangements within weeks of your first lesson.

Supplement Books

Alongside these selections, Phoenix Rising is subscribed to Supersonics Piano – a contemporary Australian library of music devised by Daniel McFarlane.  With our Platinum membership, students will have access to over $500 worth of music, free of charge!  On top of this, you will have access to the whole library of Supersonics Music, the monthly releases and backing tracks for over 170 songs!



Phoenix Rising is proud to offer invaluable resources to the students available through Apple and Android, one of the most notable Apple apps being Piano Maestro – this is a HUGE bonus to any student learning at Phoenix Rising Music Studio.  The perfect supplement to all piano beginners, students will be playing familiar songs within the first 20 minutes of using Piano Maestro.  The beauty of this app is it listens to you!  I’m not kidding, it really listens to you!  It hears the notes you play and helps you to learn the songs in a way that you can even play on your own devices at home.  A service that would cost you over $70 per year, Phoenix Rising gives you complete access for free!

Piano Maestro

The Fees

You really can’t go past all that Phoenix Rising Music Studio has to offer you.  A tote bag, games, fun songs and apps can be provided to you in your weekly music lessons for $40 per half hour lesson.  This is the minimum lesson time, but to get the full value out of all Phoenix Rising has to offer, extended lessons can be be provided at $60 for a 45 minute lesson or $80 for an hour.

Our Unbeatable Referral Program

Do you have friends or family who might want to learn piano?  You won’t want to miss out on this!  For each person you refer that signs up for a term of lessons (standard of 10 weeks), you will receive a free supplementary book every time!  Including this, once you have referred 10 or more students to our studio, you will receive a lifetime discount of 10% on all lessons.


David is one extremely intuitive teacher.  I feel really comfortable with learning a new instrument at the age of 35.  I haven’t learnt music since being in year 8.  I was 13 years old – a very long time to not play any instrument.  David’s teaching approach and understanding not only for music but life makes David honestly not just one of the most extraordinary music teachers but the best teacher I have actually had!  I would definitely recommend his service and humble approach to anyone!

– Julie