Studio Policy

This page is to outline what we set out to achieve for the students walking through the door, and standard procedures of Phoenix Rising Music Studio.

Our Expectation and Ambitions

  • It is our goal to give students a well rounded music education by incorporating technique, performance, composition and activities in music lessons
  • To target effective practice strategies so students can make the most of their time away from the music lesson
  • For music to be a fun, engaging part of the student’s life
  • To allow the student to explore a vast range of styles and genres of music
  • To give students confidence to then be applied in other areas of their life

Expectations of the Student

  • Arrive on time to all lessons
  • Bring all books
  • Complete weekly tasks set each lesson
  • Engage in new ideas
  • Perform in concerts, enter Eisteddfods, sit for exams when recommended

Lesson Fees

  • Invoices are sent via email and are to be paid by the set date
  • Fees are paid in bulk per term.  This ensures your time slot is held. Payment is required even if you can’t make your set lesson time
  • Make up lessons can be arranged provided 24 hours notice is given of unavailability. Lessons are to be made up during the term. A maximum of two lessons per term may be made up
  • In the case that I am unwell or have a scheduling conflict, notice will be given and alternative arrangements will be made